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The Protector
By David Morrell
Read by Corbin Bernsen

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The Protector

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The Protector
By David Morrell
Read by Corbin Bernsen
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2003)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-498-5
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Leo Johnston - June 23, 2003

The Protector, by David Morrell is a fast paced, gripping story about a security firm that is willing to break the law in order to protect their clients. The firm, Global Protective Services, and this story centers upon their efforts to protect Daniel Prescott. Prescott, a biochemist, is being hunted by those who wish to extract the secret formula for a drug that he has created that drastically increases a person's adrenaline levels.

When Cavanaugh, a former Delta Force army officer, is assigned to protect Prescott he figures that this is just going to be a normal case. He job is to protect Prescott while the firm organizes a new identity for him. In other words, they are acting as a private Witness Protection Program, giving their clients new identities and protection from their enemies. As Cavanaugh quickly discovers, nothing in this case is as it appears, or what he expects.

Cavanaugh works with a team of skilled and loyal co-workers, who are attacked and murdered soon after taking on the case, apparently by Prescott himself! Cavanaugh is the only survivor of the attack. This murderous act propels Cavanaugh on mission of vengeance, and a search for the truth. In addition, he is on a tight schedule; he was injected with Prescott's diabolically addictive drug, and now Cavanaugh needs to find Prescott, and get the antidote from him - before killing him. From here the story rockets to a thrilling and harrowing climax that will have you holding your breath!

With his team decimated, Cavanaugh turns to his wife, Jamie, for help in tracking down Prescott and for help in getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Prescott's new drug. To 'get' Prescott they will have to evade government agents, foreign spies, and a deadly assortment of 'bad guys'. Ready made for the movies, this book is filled with car-chases, explosions, and unique weapons that would look very intimidating and exciting on the big screen!

This Time Warner Audiobooks edition of The Protector is read by Corbin Bernsen, who starred in the top rated TV series, L.A. Law. Bernsen has also appeared in several TV and big screen movies, as well as in numerous hit shows such as Jag and The West Wing. His reading of this book is powerful and riveting, he brings the book, and its characters to life.

The Protector is a wonderful addition to the thriller genre, and an excellent example of Morrell's writing style. The story races along at break-neck speed, Cavanaugh and Jamie are believable characters, and the 'bad guys' are as deadly as they come. This is a great story to listen to, it is full of unexpected twists and red-herrings. If your like me, you'll listen to this entire book in one sitting. I highly recommend this book, as well as all of Morrell's other books, especially First Blood and Long Lost.

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