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Cancer Schmancer
By Fran Drescher
Read by Fran Drescher

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Cancer Schmancer

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Cancer Schmancer
By Fran Drescher
Read by Fran Drescher
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2002)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 2 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-275-3
Genre: Memoir

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - July 7, 2002

Fran Drescher is perhaps best known for her role as the star of The Nanny, a TV sitcom. If you ever had a chance to see the show, you will be familiar with Drescher signature nasal voice and thin, yet healthy looking, figure. A figure that she readily displayed in a variety of skimpy outfits. Yet, as her book Cancer Schmancer shows, Drescher is much more than a comedic caricature of a status climbing bimbo with a heart of gold.

Drescher has undergone several horrific, life altering experiences during her life - yet she somehow manages to keep her humor and a positive outlook on life. In Cancer Schmancer, Drescher candidly speaks about her recent fight with uterine cancer. In this book, Drescher talks to the reader as if she were talking to an intimate friend, and she shares everything!

Some readers may find some of the more intimate details a bit over much. However her honest approach and detailed discussion of her condition, her feelings, and the treatment she endured while battling her newest foe, will surely help others going through similar ordeals.

Along the way, you learn about Drescher's early life, her career, her marriage, her various lovers, the death of her beloved dog, and how she manages to keep her feet on the ground - rather than under it, when many others would have simply given up and let the cancer win. She also clearly points out the need for women to be forceful when dealing with their doctors - if you feel that something is wrong with your body, don't let the doctor simply pat you on the head and send you on your way with the tired prognosis that 'you should expect to have such a thing at your age' or some other equally asinine reply.

One word of warning about this book - if you were a fan of The Nanny, you will have a very, very hard time remembering that this book is about Drescher, not her alter-ego, Nanny Fran. An image that is doubly reenforced in the audio version of this book by the fact that Drescher is also the book's reader.

This is one of those books that you'll either love or hate. If you are squeamish or easily disturb when someone bares their soul to you, this is not a book for you. However, if you are a Drescher fan, this book is a must. As well, if you are dealing with cancer, or know someone that is, you may well find Drescher candid, and often humorous, recounting of her own ordeal uplifting and reassuring.

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