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Loose Cannon
By June Drummond

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Loose Cannon

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Loose Cannon
By June Drummond
Ulverscroft - Large Print Edition, (2004)
ISBN: 1-84395-346-3
Genre: Adventure Suspense

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - September 20, 2004

Loose Cannon is a complex thriller written by the esteemed South African author, June Drummond. An unprecedented peace accord is due to be signed in Jerusalem. However, this signing is brought into jeopardy when the Paloma, an Omega Airliner, crashes into the Mediterranean Sea, killing the entire complement of crew and passengers. Was it just a tragic accident, or was it an act of terrorism? The Paloma was being used by Dove International. This organization, which is backed by 'mega-tycoon' Daniel Roswall was instrumental in helping to develop the Jerusalem Accord. The group is also known for their humanitarian works around the globe. Onboard the Paloma, when it crashed, were a host of people from Dove, many of whom were instrumental in creating the Accord. Were they killed to derail the peace plan? Was Dove International the target of the attack - if there was one? The mystery behind the crash, and the effort to keep the peace plan on track, is the foundation of this fast-paced story.

In an attempt to keep the fragile peace, the powers-that-be quickly declared that the crash was the result of pilot error. James Block, the brother of the Paloma's pilot knows that there is no way that his brother was at fault. With a vengeance, James set out to clear his brother's name and to find the real cause of the crash. In this quest, he is joined by a host of unique individuals, including his brother's ex-girlfriend, a psychiatrist, an Italian cop, an FBI agent, and a Mossad agent. Each of these people have their own agenda, and each their own reasons for wanting to uncover the truth regarding the crash of the Paloma. Can these 'loose cannons' ferret out the truth and protect the fragile peace plan? And if not, what will be the end result?

Loose Cannon is a thrilling story that is both suspenseful and complex. The story moves briskly throughout Europe and the Middle East and Drummond keeps you guessing throughout. Just when you think you know what is happening, she throws in a nice little twist or two. Drummond, who was eighty when this book was first published, has been writing for decades, and time has not slowed her down. Loose Cannon is a vigorous, hard-hitting story that is politically astute and highly entertaining.

Loose Cannon can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft.

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