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Eat Smart, Walk Strong
By Leslie Sansone

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Eat Smart, Walk Strong

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Eat Smart, Walk Strong
The Secrets of Effortless Weight Loss
By Leslie Sansone
Read by Leslie Sansone
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2006)
An Abridged Recording on 3 CDs
ISBN: 1-59483-104-1
Genre: Health, Fitness

Reviewed by Angela Evans - February 3, 2006

Being healthy is just as much a state of mind as it is a life style choice. In Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets of Effortless Weight Loss, Leslie Sansone offers candid and practical advice that will help you to make healthy choices when it comes to your health. Best of all, in this book she also offers sensible advice that will assist in making eating and living healthy something that is automatic.

In this book she not only explains the importance of eating healthy (smart), but she also offers concrete examples of how to eat smart - when dining out, when snacking, in your regular meals, and how to control your portions in all areas of your gastronomical endeavors. Her tips are doled out in easy to grasp portions that focus on one bad habit at a time - and how to correct it. She shows how by eating smarter, you can not only loss weight without really trying, but how you can, at the same time, improve your health. In addition, she reiterates the importance of exercise, in particular of walking. As she has written in other books such as Walk Away the Pounds, walking can be one of the most effective, easy, and best exercise that you can do for your overall health and as a weight loss tool.

The writing in Eat Smart, Walk Strong is both friendly and encouraging. Better yet, in this audio edition of her book, Sansone is the book's reader. Her reading serves as a personal trainer, encouraging you to work harder and more efficiently. While there is nothing revolutionarily new in this book, Sansone's advice it timely and well presented. She neither nags nor preaches, rather she offers friendly advice and the encouragement that is needed to adhere to this diet plan.

Eat Smart, Walk Strong includes a general six-week plan that will help to incorporate the material learned from this book into your daily routine. The audio edition of the book also includes more than twenty easy to prepare recipes, daily mission goals, a quiz, progress reports, and more. Wether you are interested in losing weight (aren't we all?), improving your eating habits, or simply living a healthy life style, this book is for you!

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