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Ebook of the Week on CD
Compiled by Richard Seltzer

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Ebook of the Week on CD
Compiled and Indexed by Richard Seltzer
B&R Samizdat Express - January 11, 2006
Genre: Literature, History

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - February 21, 2006

In March of 2004, B&R Samizdat Express began to issue a free Ebook of the Week in which one Ebook is sent, via email, to subscribers every week. Since its inception, B&R Samizdat Express has sent out books covering a variety of topics and genres from classic works of fiction to modern political treatises such as a transcript of the second Bush-Kerry debate. Combined, these Ebooks have provided subscribers with unprecedented access to a wealth of information and literary works. Now, Richard Seltzer has gathered together all the Ebooks of the Week into a single CD-ROM volume. This CD contains all of the Ebooks of the Week from March 3, 2004 and is current up to the date on the disc. Doing a very rough count, the current version of this CD contains nearly ninety Ebooks - all for under $20!

To give you a taste of all this collection has to offer, here is a list of some of my favorite books that you will find in this collection: As you can see by this short list, this is an eclectic collection of books that has a little something for everyone. It is ideal for general reading, as well as a literary resource for students.

This CD is intended for use on Windows PCs and recent Macs (OS 10 or above). In addition, to read the books in this collection, you will need to have a web browser or a word processing program installed in your computer in order to open the files. As the books in this collection are presented in plain-text format, this collection is also ideal for readers with low vision who need to modify (enlarge or change the color of the font) or who use computer screen reading or magnification programs. In addition, this CD ships with a version of ReadPlease, a text-to-speech program that will delight visually impaired users, as well as anyone desirous of having their computer read the books out loud to them.


ReadPlease is a windows-based screen reading program. Two versions of the ReadPlease program come with the CD, a free version and ReadPlease Plus, a commercial shareware version. To use the program, you simply highlight the text you want read to you, and the computer will read it aloud. In the free version you can only highlight 16,000 bytes of text at one time, whereas with the commercial version you can set the program to read an unlimited amount of text at one time.

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