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Education and Child Rearing
Compiled by Richard Seltzer

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Education and Child Rearing

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Education and Child Rearing
Books on CD ROM
Compiled and Indexed by Richard Seltzer
B&R Samizdat Express - May 7, 2005
ISBN: 0-917466-48-9
Genre: Education - History, Biography, Philosophy

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - June 3, 2005

In this one volume CD collection, Richard Seltzer has compiled a collection of sixty books that deal with education and child rearing. The texts in this collection are organized into three thematic sections: The titles in this collection have been indexed, with hyperlinks allowing quick and easy access to the texts on the CD-ROM. All the texts in this volume are contained in plain text (ASCII) files that are designed to work with computers using the Windows operating system. You will also need a word processing program or web browser to open the files.

The texts in this collection include a variety of historically important, and eye opening works, such as The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861 - A History of the Education of the Colored People of the United States from the Beginning of Slavery to the Civil War by C.G. Woodson. Published in 1919, this text was one of the first to books to document the educational opportunities available to African-Americans up until the time of the American Civil War and the fundamental role that the advancement of education for African-Americans played in the Abolitionist Movement. As well as inspirational classics such as The Story of My Life by Helen Keller and Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington.

All the books in this collection are books that are in the public domain, meaning that most were published before 1923. By extension, most of these books can easily be classified as classic books on education and child rearing. Anyone interested in the history of education, child rearing, and how education was portrayed in fictional works will be delighted with this collection. This collection is very reasonably priced, currently selling for only $19. This means that you can obtain an entire shelf's worth of books for less than the cost of the average hardcover book. In addition this collection will interest students and scholars as many of the texts contained in this collection, such as David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens, The Republic, by Plato, and An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, by David Hume are texts that are often required reading in many highschool and college classes.

Here is a sample of some of the titles that you will find in this collection: In addition to the text of all sixty books, you'll also find, in this collection, tips on how to access the files, a Teachers and Students' Guide on using the CD, and a freeware copy of ReadPlease a text-to-speech program that enables 'your' computer to read these text files out loud to you. Also, available on this CD is a thirty-day trial version of the commercial version ReadPlease Plus.

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