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Bridge for Dummies, 2nd Edition
By Eddie Kantar

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Bridge for Dummies, 2nd Edition

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Bridge for Dummies, 2nd Edition
By Eddie Kantar
Thorndike Press, Large Print Edition (2008)
ISBN 10: 1-4104-0503-6
ISBN 13: 978-1-4104-0503-6
Genre: Self-Help, Games

Reviewed by Angela Evans - December 29, 2008

If you've never played Bridge before, or if you just want to brush up on your skills, Bridge for Dummies, 2nd Edition is the book for you. Written by Eddie Kantar, a member of the Bridge Hall of Fame, this book assumes no prior knowledge of the game of bridge. As such, Kantar starts at the very beginning and teaches you everything you need to know to master the game. He also teaches you the intricacies of bidding in Bridge. As well, this new edition is filled with updated, detailed diagrams of bridge hands.

This book is organized into seven, thematic sections:
  1. Beginning with Basic Notrump Play

  2. Playing the Hand in a Trump Contract

  3. Bidding for Fun and Profit

  4. Taking Advantage of Advanced Bidding Techniques

  5. Playing a Strong Defense and Keeping Score

  6. Becoming Addicted to Bridge (covers joining Bridge Clubs, competing in tournaments, and playing Bridge on your computer.)

  7. The Part of Tens - a list of ten great Bridge resources, and a list of ten ways to be 'kind to your partner.'
If you've never tried playing Bridge before, many of the terms you'll encounter in this book, like trump contracts, notrump play, finesse, slipping lower honors, winning tricks, long suits in the dummy, bidding a suit, and scoring a rubber, may seem like a foreign language, but Kantar explains them all in detail. As well, once you learn the basics of playing Bridge, you'll discover that Bridge is a relatively easy game to play and one which you will soon master if you play regularly. One of the most important elements of this book is Kantar's instructions on how to bid a Bridge hand, and the various methods of bidding such as Doubling and Slam Bidding. As well, Kantar provides keen insights and valuable tips on how to read your partner and learn how to anticipate what your partner is likely to do in various circumstances.

All in all, Bridge for Dummies, 2nd Edition is an excellent 'study guide' for anyone interested in learning to play Bridge. In easy steps it will transform you from rank beginner to a skilled player and enable you fully enter the exciting world of Bridge play!

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