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Text-Key's Large Print U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

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Text-Key's Large Print U.S. Supreme Court Opinions
A Service of the Virginia M. Woolf Foundation
83 Opinions, in 18 & 28 point type
From: Text-Key

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - June 7, 2006

In an effort to make a wide range of printed materials available to visually impaired readers, the Virginia Woolf Foundation recently released a collection of United States Supreme Court documents that are available in two large print formats: one in a 18-point font, and one in a 28-point font. Copies of the documents are also presented in ASCII (plain-text) format for easy access by those using computer screen reading programs. Entitled Text-Key's Large Print U.S. Supreme Court Opinions, this collection contains 83 Supreme Court opinions in this single volume CD-Rom collection. The opinions in this collection cover a broad period from 1803 to 2000 and touch upon a host of important and compelling issues.

The opinions in this collection included both well-known cases such as their 1954 Opinion on Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, the divisive 1973 opinion on Roe v. Wade, and the pivotal 1857 opinion in the Dred Scott (Scott v. Sandford) case. You'll also discover lesser known, yet no less intriguing cases such as the 1926 opinion on Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co. which dealt with the legality of zoning restrictions and the 2000 opinion on Bush v. Gore which helped to decided the contested presidential election of 2000. This collection also contains a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America along with all the amendments that have been added to it, as well as copy of the Declaration of Independence.

The Virginia M. Woolf Foundation is a nonprofit organization that makes available, via their innovative Text-Key publication process, books and publications that are specially formatted for ease of use by visually impaired readers. The large print files are in Adobe tagged PDF format, and they are designed to be read on your computer via the free Adobe reader program included on each CD. The files are easy to access, and even easier to navigate and due the special formatting, you do not have to scroll back and forth when reading a line.

A complete list of all the available CDs and the documents contained within them, as well as ordering information, is available online at In addition to these Supreme Court opinions, the Virginia M. Woolf Foundation also offers a wide selection of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that have been preformatted into 28 and 48 font sized ELF (enhanced letter format) versions.

By offering these important publications in large print, and in screen reader accessible versions, the Virginia M. Woolf Foundation is helping to give visually impaired readers access to a wider range of material than was previously available.

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