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Travel Tips for the Visually Impaired
Air Travel

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Travel Tips for the Visually Impaired
Part Four - Air Travel

By Rochelle Caviness - June 10, 2002

Getting to the Plane:

Let the airlines know, in advance, that you are visually impaired and that you will need assistance at the airport. Most airlines have personnel trained to handled special needs passengers. For instance, American Airlines has Special Assistance Coordinators who will work directly with you to ensure that your individuals needs are met - if it is in the power of the airline to do so.

All airports have Complaint Resolution Officials (CRO) who can help mediate any problems that you encounter while in the airport. As well, some airlines, such as Continental Airlines, have their own CROs on duty at each airport that they service.

Security: Luggage:

In the past, visually impaired and blind individuals were encouraged to take only carry-on luggage in order to minimize the hassle of collecting their luggage after the flight was over. However, with the new security regulations in place this is not always practical as it can be difficult to take such benign items as toe nail clippers through security. Seating: Additional Resources:

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