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Quick Reference Glossary of Eyecare Terminology
Edited by Joseph Hoffman

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Quick Reference Dictionary of Eyecare Terminology

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Quick Reference Glossary of Eyecare Terminology
Editor-in-Chief: Joseph Hoffman
The Basic Bookshelf for Eyecare Processionals
SLACK Incorporated, (2002)
Standard Print ISBN: 1556424728
Genre: Eye Care, Ophthalmology Reference

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - October 29, 2002

Containing over 2,300 entries, the small size of this glossary is deceiving. This thin paperback will serve as a handy reference guide for eyecare professionals and students. The entries, covering basic ophthalmology terminology, are organized alphabetically. Main entries are listed in bold print, and are followed by brief definitions. Terms that are crossed referenced are also listed in bold print.
Sample entry:

crazing in ophthalmic usage, the appreance of a network of fine lines or cracks on a lens, most often a contact lens covered by some type of plaque. (Pg. 52.)
Also, included in this text are 210 abbreviations of common ophthalmic words. These abbreviations are listed together, at the end of the book. Following each abbreviation, you will find the 'spelled-out' form of the abbreviation. Each abbreviation can then be looked-up in the main section of the glossary using its 'spelled-out' form.

Quick Reference Glossary of Eyecare Terminology is not a comprehensive ophthalmic dictionary. Rather, it is a serviceable, basic reference guide to common eyecare terms. Of interest to all eyecare professionals, I feel that this glossary will be of particular interest to students in any of the various eyecare fields - both as a reference guide, and as a study aid.

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