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The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide
By Gary S. Schwartz

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The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide

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The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide
By Gary S. Schwartz, MD
SLACK Incorporated (2006)
Standard Print ISBN: 1-55642-755-7
Genre: Eye Care, Ophthalmology Reference

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - April 17, 2006

Performing a basic ophthalmic examination is a fundamental skill that is essential knowledge for any eye care professional working in an eye clinic. The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide is an introductory texts geared toward novice examiners in which Dr. Gary S. Schwartz provides a comprehensive survey of how routine eye exams are performed, and other basic skills such as taking a patient's history. Written in clear, intuitive format, this book is ideal for students just beginning work in the eye clinic, seasoned professionals who want to brush up on their skills, and for patients seeking a detailed understanding of how an eye exam is conducted - and what it all means. Information about eye diseases, and their treatment are not covered in this text, allowing Schwartz to concentrate strictly on information related to eye exams.

In this informative book, Schwartz covers a range of topics including examining children, taking a patient's eye history, the basics of optics, tips on recording your findings, and how to perform both near and far refractive exams. Other examination techniques covered included color vision, subjective and objective refractions, slit lamp examinations, pupil and fundus examinations, motilities and alignment, gonioscopy, ophthalmoscopy, and techniques for determining intraocular pressure. This text includes several helpful appendices including a list of common abbreviations that you will encounter in the eye clinic, common surgical procedures performed on the eye, and a list of common eye medications. In addition, throughout the text you will find sample problems or questions, with answers, that will help you to gauge your understanding of the material in the book.

The Eye Exam: A Complete Guide is a basic introductory text that provides an outstanding overview of the theoretic aspects of the eye exam, and it provides an excellent foundation for students and novice eye care professionals just beginning to get hands-on, practical experience working in the eye clinic. The text is accompanied by instructional illustrations that enhance the text. Schwartz's adherence to just detailing the basic facts, and his relaxed writing style makes this book accessible not only to ophthalmic students and professionals, but also to motivated lay readers.

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