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Fatal Tide
By Iris Johansen

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Fatal Tide

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Fatal Tide
By Iris Johansen
Random House Large Print, (2003)
ISBN: 0-375-43226-4
Genre: Suspense - Romantic Thriller

Reviewed by Angela Evans - November 12, 2003

Melis Nemid is a marine researcher who is about to discover that the darkness of the deep is even murkier, and even more dangerous than she ever imagined! Nemid's life is forever altered when she discovers a secret that someone is willing to kill to keep secret. On the run from her would be killer, Nemid is befriended by a fellow oceanographer, a man who is hiding secrets of his own.

Fatal Tide, by Iris Johansen, is a hair-raising romantic thriller that will have you looking over your shoulder for days after reading this book. Shortly after Nemid sees her father's ship blown up, with him on it, her life spins totally out of control. Nemid's nightmare worsens when Hugh Archer, an arm's dealer, tries to force her to reveal the location her father's research facility. Archer wants to know the location so that he can steal her father's new underwater sonic gun. In the process of trying to 'make her talk' he tortures Nemid and kills her best friend, Carolyn. To her rescue comes the beefy Jed Kelby, a treasure hunter who is looking for the fabled island of Marinth - an Atlantis styled island that long ago slipped beneath the ocean's waves.

In Fatal Tide Johansen has crafted a fast-paced, entertaining thriller that you're bound to read in one sitting. Nemid is a believable heroine whom you'll root for from the first, and Archer the perfect archetypal villain - bad to the bone. Fatal Tide is a savory read, the only fault I have with the book is the unnecessarily graphic content, both in terms of the violence and the deceptions of the sexual abuse that Nemid endured as a child. Otherwise, this is a great book.

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