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Feedback Fiction
A way for you to provide feedback to new writers.
Plus a look at two CDs from:
Seedy Press, (August 23, 2002)
By Rochelle Caviness - January 16, 2003

The "Feedback Fiction" series from B&R Samizdat Express - Seedy Press is a unique endeavor in which various CD-Rom collections of works by new authors are published. The main purpose of this endeavor is to enable these authors to receive feedback on their work from readers. This unique program works by encouraging readers to provide email feedback to the authors. The incentive to do this, beyond altruistic motives, is that if you provide worthwhile feedback to the author, you will receive a refund of your purchase price for the CD. The author is the judge about whether or not your feedback is worthwhile to them.
Two authors who have taken advance of Fiction Feedback program are Michael Seltzer and Rex Sexton.

Michael Seltzer

The CD, Fiction by Michael Seltzer contains two novels Life and Behind Locked Windows, plus the short story The Eyes of a Child. All the works in this collection are offered in both plain text and html formats.

Rex Sexton

Fiction and Paintings by Rex Sexton contains several literary works, as well as images of about 20 of Sexton's paintings. Literary works in this collection include the novel Desert Flower and Sexton's short stories, Holy Night, Carnival, Nocturne, and I am Alive and I am Real. The texts are offered in three formats: plain text, html, and as a word document.

Michael Seltzer and Rex Sexton are two very promising writers whose works are innovative and original. These CD collections offer you an opportunity to discover these two new talents, and hopefully, to provide useful feedback to them that will help them to mature as writers. Then, when they are on the bestseller list, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped them develop their talent!

In my own experience, I've found that I often feel that I am writing in a vacuum - never really knowing how my readers feel about my work. Therefore I've found that constructive feedback, whether it is negative or positive, is very useful. It lets me know how people feel about my work, and it sometimes provides invaluable advice on how I can improve upon it.

The Fiction Feedback program is a wonderful concept and I hope that more writers are able to take advantage of it, and that they receive useful feedback!

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