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Six Steps to Increased Fertility
An Integrated Medical and Mind/Body Program to Promote Conception
By Robert L. Barbieri, Alice D. Domar and Kevin R. Loughlin

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Six Steps to Increased Fertility

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Six Steps to Increased Fertility
A Harvard Medical School Book
By Robert L. Barbieri, Alice D. Domar and Kevin R. Loughlin
Fireside Books, 2000 - Standard Print
ISBN: 0-684-85523-2
Genre: Health

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 13, 2002

When a couple has difficulty conceiving, they often become very frustrated and, at times, angry. After all, conception is a natural, biological process and it is supposed to 'just happen'. Infertility has many causes, but seldom is the problem permanent - even menopause is not longer an impenetrable barrier to conception. In recent years there have been great strides made in reproductive technologies. However, many couples will find that they do not have to resort to drastic, painful, or costly methods to achieve a pregnancy. If they simply let nature take its course, usually they can conceive simply by making a few simple changes in their life style. For example, it is not unusual to find that a simple change in diet, or weight, is all that is need to allow the couple to conceive.

In Six Steps to Increased Fertility you will find a wealth of information that will help you to increase your fertility. Written by three respected women's health specialists who are all associated with the Harvard Medical School, this book takes a whole-body approach to fertility. This book outlines a six-step program that will enhance your fertility by improving your health and your mental attitude. The author's of this book understand that fertility is not just a woman's issue. Rather, it is a couple's issue. Consequently, they offer advice for both partners. And, if it turns out that Nature needs a little assist from the medical community, this book also includes a section that explains the various assisted reproductive technologies that are now available.

The six steps that comprise this integrated mind/body program are:
  1. Making healthy lifestyle changes, including gaining or losing weight, as necessary, stop drinking and smoking, and advice on what type of underwear men should wear to increase sperm production. This section also provides advice on lovemaking techniques that you can employ to increase your chances of conception.

  2. Your reproductive system. This section details the male and female reproductive systems and it explains how conception is achieved.

  3. The chapter entitled "Target Possible Problems" will help you to identify potential problems that are impeding conception. For example, this section will help you to determine when you are ovulating. It also offers a recommendation when you should invest in a sperm evaluation to determine the health of the sperm and whether or not you have a low sperm count.

  4. Stress and infertility often goes hand in hand. Step four will help you to identify sources of stress in your life, and eliminate them. This section also describes how stress, and emotions affect the body. Relaxation tips are also given.

  5. The next step involves giving nature a slight boost. Here, the authors discuss various tests that can be used to determine what is causing your infertility, and what drugs are available to help nature along.

  6. If, by step six, you have not yet discovered or already overcome the cause of your infertility, it may now be time to see if you and your mate have any anatomical problems that are impeding conception. This sections describe various anatomical problems that can arise, and how they might be corrected.

If you are dealing with a fertility problem, you will find that this book is invaluable. It is written in a clear and concise manner, and the text is complimented by the inclusion of true-life stories of couples who have suffered from infertility and have been helped by this program. Also, included is a glossary of terms used in the book, and a resource list for those wishing to gain more information about the topics addressed in the book. Besides offering practical advice on how to best change your lifestyle, it also provides a list of questions for you to ask your doctor, which will help you to get the most out of your visit - and the book.

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