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The First 48
By Tim Green
Read by Stephen Lang

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The First 48

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The First 48
By Tim Green
Read by Stephen Lang
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2004)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 5 CDs
ISBN: 1-58621-593-0
Genre: Mystery - Thriller

Reviewed by Herbert White- April 4, 2004

Tom Redmon is a down-and-out attorney whose best friends are a rotund ex-motorcycle hoodlum and a bottle of booze. Years before, he had been an up-and-coming prosecutor when his career was cut short by Michael Gleason. Twenty years have passed since Gleason ruined Redmon's life, and now Gleason is a senator and Redmon's daughter is a hot shot reporter with the Washington Post. While investigating a corruption case, Jane Redmon disappears and her father emerges from his shell, and sets out to find his daughter.

Redmon, who had been a police officer before becoming a lawyer, is willing to do whatever it takes to find his daughter - including kidnaping the prime suspect in her disappearance - Senator Gleason! Redmon is assisted on his quest by Mike Tubbs, the ex-motorcyclist who also happens to be a computer geek. Despite their differences, Redmon and Tubbs make a fine team, and each will need to contribute his unique talents to the task of finding Jane.

The First 48 is a fast-paced, thriller by the bestselling author Tim Green. The tension of the story is heightened by the fact that, as in real life, the first forty-eight hours after a kidnaping are critical. This small window of opportunity represents the best chance of finding a victim alive. Redmon's past experience has taught him just how short a window of opportunity this is, and he knows that he does not have the luxury of taking a break. Hence the pell-mell pace of the story that will leave you breathless.

Read by Stephen Lang, this audio edition The First 48 is an superb edition to Green's collection of thrillers. The dialog is sharp and quick paced, and Lang's reading of this book is pleasant to listen to. All in all, The First 48 is a diverting book, full of engaging characters that will have you wondering about Jane's fate, until the very end...

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