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Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis
By C. Stephen Foster, M.D., and Albert T. Vitale, M.D.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis
By C. Stephen Foster, M.D., and Albert T. Vitale, M.D.
W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia: 2002
A Harcourt Health Sciences Company
An Affiliate of Elsevier
Standard Print, ISBN: 0-7216-6338-9
Genre: Uveitis - Eye Health, Ophthalmology

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - October 12, 2006

Dr. C. Stephen Foster is one of the leading clinicians in the field of ocular immunology and is known for his aggressive approach to the treatment of Uveitis. In Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis he has teamed up with Dr. Albert T. Vitale to organize a detailed, comprehensive text on the treatment and diagnosis of Uveitis. This text, which is almost encyclopedic in nature contains a plethora of articles on all aspects of Uveitis, penned by more than seventy leading professionals in the field of Uveitis and ocular inflammatory diseases.

The seventy-nine chapters in this text are organized into seven thematic sections:
  1. Basic Principles: Including information on basic immunology, and uvea anatomy.

  2. Principles of Diagnosis and Therapy: Covering a range of topics including diagnostic imaging studies, immunosuppresssive chemotherapy, and diagnostic surgery.

  3. The Uveitis Syndromes - Infectious: More than thirty infectious diseases are covered including Syphilis, Brucellosis, Rift Valley Fever, Candidiasis, Giardia Lamblia, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Loiasis.

  4. The Uveitis Syndromes - Masquerade Syndromes: Covering malignancies, endophthalmitis, and nonmalignant and noninfectious masquerade syndromes.

  5. The Uveitis Syndromes - Traumatic: This section deals solely with traumatic uveitis.

  6. The Uveitis Syndromes - Autoimmune: Covers more than twenty-five disorders including Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Giant Cell Arteritis, Wegener's Granulomatosis, Acute Retinal Pigment Epitheliitis, Lens-Induced Uveitis, and Sympathetic Ophthalmia.

  7. The Uveitis Syndromes - Medication Induced: Lastly, this section deals solely with mediation-induced uveitis.
The text is well illustrated with both black & white illustrations as well as color plates, and it bristles with informative tables, figures, and charts. In addition, each chapter includes a detailed list of references. Throughout you will also find numerous case studies, as well as detailed information on the various forms of uveitis, the diverse causes that can give rise to a uveitic condition, and most important, how uveitis and any accompanying, underlaying, systemic disorder or immunological disease is diagnosed and treated.

Although primarily designed as a reference text for ophthalmologist and other health care professional dealing with uveitic patients, this book also serves as an excellent resource for inquisitive patients, or the patient's family members, who are desirous of becoming more informed about uveitis and in taking a more active role in their own health care.

Uveitis can be crippling condition that, if left untreated, can lead to blindness. It can also be an excruciatingly painful condition. Perhaps worse of all, while it is relatively easy to diagnosis someone with uveitis, it can be a difficult condition to treat, and it can be even more difficult to identify the underlaying disorder or disease that has given rise to the condition. Eye health professionals, and ophthalmology students will find that this text provides them with a solid grounding in the field of uveitis, and that the information provided in this text will not only improve their clinical skills, but will also prove invaluable to any health care professional seeing a patient with uveitis. Not only will this text inform them about the condition and how it affects the body as a whole, but it will also enable them to work in tandem with an ocular immunologist to develop the best treatment options for their patients.

Dr. Foster is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Harvard Medical School and he is the president of the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation ( Via this website, he provides a plethora of patient oriented information that will be of interest to uveitis patients. This website also contains a wealth of information about uveitis in children. Those newly diagnosed with uveitis will find this website an invaluable starting point. Once you have absorbed the information on this website you will find this book especially rewarding as you will find that you now have learned basic information and vocabulary that will enable you to better understand and appreciate the material contained in this book.

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