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The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes
By Gary Lovisi

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The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes

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The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes
By Gary Lovisi
Linford Mystery Library: Large Print (2009)
ISBN: 978-1-84782-828-6
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Herbert White - October 19, 2009

Gary Lovisi's is back with a new collection of Sherlock Holmes stories in his new book, The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes. Written in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and using the same settings and main characters, this book is sure to please both Doyle's fans and those looking for new stories featuring the indomitable Sherlock Holmes and his erstwhile sidekick, Dr. Watson.

This book contains two thrilling tales, The Adventure of the Missing Detective and The American Adventure. These are more than short stories, and can perhaps best be classified as novellas. In The Adventure of the Missing Detective, Sherlock is saddened to learn of the death of Queen Victoria. Of perhaps more importance, he is shocked to discover that his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty is still alive. Sherlock had been sure that he had died after their encounter at Reichenbach Falls and when he learns that not only is he alive, but the new advisor to the Queen Victoria's grandson and heir, King Albert Christian Edward Victor, he is sent into a frenzy and goes weak in the knees when he learns of the new King's plan to knight Moriarty! For Sherlock, his course of action is set. First he must determine if this Moriarty is really his arch-nemesis, or just an imposter. If it is really Moriarty, Sherlock must figure out how to protect the new King, and the country, from this rapscallion.

In The American Adventure, the longer of the two stories in this collection, Lovisi takes us back to Sherlock's younger days as we follow the ace detective on an adventure with his mentor and deducting tutor, Dr. Joseph Bell. In the year 1876, Sherlock traveled to America with Dr. Bell, and what he learned and experienced there firmly set him on the path of becoming a consulting detective. This story helps to fill in some of the gaps concerning Sherlock's earlier life, before becoming a professional investigator and it gives us some insights into why, and how, Sherlock became the man he did.

The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes is a fun book to read, especially for someone like me who is a big Sherlock Holmes fan, yet have grown weary of reading and re-reading the same stories time and time again. Lovisi has done a great job of mimicking Doyle's style, and the stories easily mesh with the Sherlock Holmes canon created by Doyle. As with the Doyle stories, they were written by Dr. Watson, based upon his own experiences with Sherlock, and from stories that Sherlock related to him. In short, if you did not look too closely, you can easily imagine that these are original Sherlock Holmes stories - just one that you've never read before, so sit back and enjoy these new, and previously unrecorded, adventures of Sherlock Holmes!

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