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Ophthalmic Fundamentals: Glaucoma
Edited by Joseph W. Sassani

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Ophthalmic Fundamentals: Glaucoma

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Ophthalmic Fundamentals: Glaucoma
Edited by Joseph W. Sassani
Slack Incorporated, (1999)
Standard Print -- ISBN: 1-55642-384-5

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 29, 2002

Ophthalmic Fundamentals: Glaucoma, is edited by Joseph W. Sassani, and it includes informative essays on various aspects of glaucoma by a variety of authorities in the field. This book was written for ophthalmology students just beginning the study of glaucoma and as a review for working glaucoma clinicians. The text is easy to read, the essays are organized in such a manner that the later essays build upon the information proffered in the earlier essays. Over all the text is easy-to-read, but due to the nature of the subject under discussion, some sections are a bit on the technical side.

The titles of the essays in this work provide a detailed overview of the information provided in this book: By the time you have finished reading this book, you will have gained a through understanding of glaucoma, including the various forms that it can take, how it is diagnosed, and various treatment methods. The text is enhanced by over 140 color illustrations and a variety of black and white photos, figures, and diagrams, including copies of several visual field test printouts. Each essay concludes with a detailed list of references used. Several tables have also been included that succinctly provide information on such topics as Glaucoma Medications and the Van Herick Grading System.

In addition to serving as a study guide for students, and a reference guide for clinicians, Ophthalmic Fundamentals: Glaucoma will also be of interest to glaucoma patients who wish a detailed overview on glaucoma. These individuals may find that some sections of this book may be difficult to understand, if they don't have medical background. In general, however, they should have no trouble understanding the bulk of this text. They will find that it not only offers them a detailed explanation of what glaucoma is, but also in-depth information on its forms and treatments. Armed with this knowledge, patients can take an active role in the management of their glaucoma. And, by being well-informed about the dangers presented by glaucoma, they will be more apt to comply with the prescribed treatment regiment.

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