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Going Postal
By Terry Pratchett

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Going Postal
A Discworld Novel
By Terry Pratchett
Charnwood Large Print Edition, (2004)
ISBN: 1-84395-527-X
Genre: Fantasy

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - January 11, 2005

Going Postal is a rollicking, unputdownable addition to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Charming, funny, and a wonderful read, Going Postal follows the adventures of Moist von Lipwig a con artist who is faced with a dobson's choice between a painful death by hanging or working in the post office! Lipwig, chooses the slightly less hideous of the two choices and accepts an appointment from Lord Havelock Vetinari as head of the Ankh-Morpork postal service - charged with the task of setting right all that is wrong with the aggrieved service.

To complicate matters, Lipwig must not only deal with daily nuisances such as seeing that the mail gets delivered even in the worst of weather, but he also must deal with the Post Office Worker's Friendly and Benevolent Society, the odd murder, and a ghost with a chip on his shoulder. And, oh, yeah, did I mention that the post office had been closed for nearly twenty-years and von Lipwig has to deal with all the undelivered mail that had accumulated there ever since the advent of Ankh-Morpork's version of e-mail called clacks.

Formally known as the renowned swindler Alfred Spangler, Lipwig may have come to the job by chance, but once he is ensconced, he finds himself unexpectedly wanting to make a go of his tenure as postmaster general. As events unfold, Lipwig, his golem parole officer, and his team of misfits race to ensure that the mail they handle is delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible - and before the clacks mail can reach its intended destination.

Going Postal is, by most accounts, the thirty-third, and by far one of the funniest Discworld novels to date. (There is some controversy as to how many Discworld books are actually in exisitance, and which number each Discworld books holds in the sequence, and some count this as the twenty-ninth book, but that is neither here nor there...) Once again proving that Pratchett has a unique talent for writing fantastical yet believable stories that are consistently spellbinding, well paced, and which contain a host of intriguing plot elements that help to keep these stories as fresh as the first Discworld novels. This is a wonderful satire about bureaucracy, the postal service, and business management ethics and techniques. I give this book a five star rating on all counts! A must read for Discworld fans and fantasy lovers the world over.

Going Postal can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of Charnwood Large Print.

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