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Mortal Allies
By Brian Haig
Read by John Rubinstein

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Mortal Allies

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Mortal Allies
By Brian Haig
Read by John Rubinstein
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2002)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-58621-273-7
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - July 7, 2002

In Mortal Allies, Brian Haig has resurrected Major Sean Drummond, the star of Haig's best selling book, Secret Sanction. Drummond is a JAG (Judge Advocate General Corps) lawyer with a knack for getting the 'tough' cases. In Mortal Allies, Drummond finds himself in Seoul Korea, charged with the task of helping to defend Thomas Whitehall, an American Army Captain who is charged with raping and killing the son of a Korean official. In this case, Drummond is serving in an advisory role to the civilian attorney who has the lead in defending the Captain. Worse, for Drummond, he finds that this civilian attorney is none other than Katherine Carlson - an old rival who is as smart as she is beautiful.

Carlson and Drummond's interaction almost overshadows the mystery surrounding Whitehall's plight. Although supposedly on the same side, Whitehall's lawyers are at loggerheads from the get-go. The first problem they have is that, at first glance, Whitehall is guilty. He was but one of three men accused of committing the crime, and his fate was seemingly sealed when the other two agreed to testify against Whitehall. What little chance he has of regaining his freedom is vested in two lawyers who can agree on almost nothing. Worse, both seem more bent upon beating each other than in protecting their client. Yet it is through this contentious union that Haig addresses a number of controversial issues, ranging from the U. S. Military's 'Don't ask, Don't tell Policy' regarding homosexuality within the ranks, to the conspiracies that can arise when those in power use all means at their disposal to retain what power they have.

Written in the first person, this story is ideal for reading aloud. A task which is expertly carried out by John Rubinstein. From start to finish, this audio book will hold your interest, and keep you guessing, as the tension builds to a heart-pounding crescendo. It will also tickle you funny bone as Haig makes fun of the military and the legal profession as a whole. But throughout, Haig keeps you guessing. Did Whitehall commit the crime that he is accused of, or was he a victim of the military's homophobia? Or worse, is he the sacrificial lamb, sent to the slaughter due to the political machinations of the United States regarding North and South Korea? And, oh yeah - just for laughs, Haig throws a few spies and CIA agents, a riot or two, and a gay pride parade into the mix, just to muddle the waters in this decidedly non-politically correct masterpiece.

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