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The Ambler Warning
By Robert Ludlum

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The Ambler Warning

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The Ambler Warning
By Robert Ludlum
Wheeler Publishing - Large Print Edition (2005)
ISBN: 1-59722-132-5
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - March 3, 2006

Harrison 'Hal' Ambler has a problem. The former spy has been put into deep storage in the Parrish Island Psychiatric Facility. Located on Parrish Island, off the coast of Virginia, this facility is used to warehouse spies and other intelligence employees whose mental status may pose a security risk. Kept in isolation and heavily sedated, Ambler would seem, to the average viewer, to be a deeply disturbed individual. Ambler's problem is, however, is that he not in the least bit crazy, nor a security risk! Using all his training and charm, Ambler manages to win Laurel Holland, one of the facilities psychiatric nurses, over to his cause and proves to her that he is sane. With her help, he escapes and sets out on a daring adventure to discover who committed him to the psychiatric facility, and why they did it. To complicate his position, a rival team has been sent out to recapture Ambler - dead or alive. And to add just a little extra spice to the story - Ambler's memories have been a bit scrambled and he's not entirely sure just who he is, and worse, officially he doesn't even exist!

The Ambler Warning is another book published by the estate of Robert Ludlum. It is based upon an incomplete book by Ludlum that was finished, or at least heavily edited, by another unnamed author. The Ambler Warning maintains shades of Ludlum's gripping narrative style and exciting plotting, but fans of Ludlum will easily notice that another's hands have been at work on this book. This is not to say that it is not an exciting, hair-raising book, rather just to say that you will notice that this is not a pristine Ludlum work.

The Ambler Warning is a well-paced, action-packed story that adheres to the Ludlum tradition. While the outcome is never in doubt, you are left wondering through the entire story about the reasons for Ambler's incarceration, and just how he is going go manage to not only survive, but to reclaim his life and his identity, and like many Ludlum books this story is filled with a diverse assortment of characters and odd situations that our hero must extract himself from. While this was a great book to unwind with, the author did not tie up all the loose ends, which was a bit annoying, but otherwise, The Ambler Warning provides enough bang and excitement to keep most readers turning the pages.

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