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Have Gun, Will Travel
Starring John Dehner as Paladin

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Have Gun, Will Travel
From Radio Spirits
Volume I -- ISBN: 1-57019-093-3
Volume II -- ISBN: 1-57019-272-3
Each volume contains 6 audio cassettes, for a total of 18 hours of combined play time
Genre: Western Adventure

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - May 31, 2002

This two-volume collection of episodes from the radio production of Have Gun, Will Travel contains 36 episodes (18 episodes in each volume). Unlike many series that had their start on radio and then migrated to television, Have Gun, Will Travel was unique in that it started as a television show before taking to the airwaves as a radio show.

The radio version of Have Gun, Will Travel starred John Dehner as Paladin, Ben Wright as Hey Boy, and Virginia Gregg as Miss Wong. If you are not familiar with the series, you may not know that Paladin was a "Western Soldier of Fortune" with a conscience who sold his services to the highest bidder. However, his employers did not always get what they wanted as Paladin had an eloquent sense of morality that no amount of money could sway him from. He also has a habit of going out of his way to help the odd widow and orphan...

Paladin was an all-around interesting character. When possible, he chose the path of nonviolence whenever possible. Yet, when his back was up against the wall, he never flinched from killing. Unlike most western heros, Paladin was an educated, and cultured gentleman. Educated at West Point, Paladin served as a Union officer during the War between the States.

This unique radio shows are exact reproduction of the original broadcasts, including advertisements for dandruff shampoo, Lysol, cars, and other 'historically' interesting products. The sound quality of these tapes is excellent, and Dehner is perfect as the suave, black hatted, gun slinger with a heart. Between 1958 and 1960, about 106 episodes of Have Gun, Will Travel aired on the Radio. This two-volume collection offers a selection of episodes from all three years of the shows radio run. As a side note, Gene Roddenberry was one of the writers of this radio series.

Have Gun, Will Travel is a delightful western series written especially for an adult audience. The episodes in this collection well represent the series as a whole. For long time fans of Paladin, this collection will be a trip down memory lane. For everyone else, an enthralling introduction to one of the most complex of Western heros to ever come into our homes via that magical device called Radio.

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