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Holy Bible
New International Version

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NIV Giant-Print Bible

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Holy Bible (NIV)
New International Version

4-Volume Giant Print Edition
Cambridge University Press, 1984
ISBN: 0-521-50877-0

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - January 12, 2005

The four-volume giant print Bible, published by Cambridge University Press adheres to the Christian, New International Version (NIV) of the Holy Bible. The text is unique in that it is printed in a 18-point font, and the text is restricted to a maximum of 23 lines of text per page. In addition, the text is printed in a bold, clear, dark type faced called Swift that further increases the readability of the text. (To put the 18-point font size in perspective: newspapers are usually printed in a 10-point font, standard print books are normally 12-point, and large print books are typically 16-point, but can be smaller.)

This four-volume Bible comes in a handy slip case and all four volumes are elegantly bound. The covers are hardcovered and seem as if they will withstand years of use. The edition reviewed here, features dark green covers with gold lettering on the cover. The first three volumes comprise the Old Testament and the fourth, the New Testament. The four volumes are divided as follows:
  1. Genesis - Ruth
  2. I Samuel - Psalms
  3. Proverbs - Malachi
  4. New Testament
In addition to the text of the NIV Bible, this edition also includes a preface that explains the origins of this translation. The New International Version translation of the Bible uses naturally spoken, contemporary English. For example, you'll not find doest, wouldest, and thee used in this translation. As well, throughout you will find occasional, brief, explanatory footnotes that help to clarify alternative translations or difficult concepts. Volume one also includes a Table of Weights and Measures.

The only drawbacks to this edition of the Holy Bible are that the paper used is not thick enough to totally hide the text on the reverse page. These 'ghosts' do not really interfere with the readability of the text, but I find them annoying. I found that they can be minimized by slipping a piece of blank paper behind the page you are reading. As well, these books are on the heavy side, with the largest volume weighing almost 3.5 pounds and the smallest around 2.5 pounds! I found this a bit heavy for holding the volumes while reading. However, they open nicely, and are easy to handle when laid on a flat surface or your lap. Despite these two small drawbacks, this is the best all around Old and New Testament large print Bible that I've seen. It also has the largest print size of any large print Christian Bible that I've seen. Highly recommend for use by readers with low vision, as well as those simply looking for an easier to read, larger than normal print version of the Bible.

NRSV Giant Print Bible

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Holy Bible (NRSV)
New Revised Standard Version

4-Volume Giant Print Edition
Cambridge University Press, 1995
ISBN: 0-521-50878-9

Cambridge University Press also publishes a four-volume giant print New Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible. First published in 1989, the New Revised Standard Version is the most accurate and up-to-date translation of the Bible available. This set is printed in the same 18-point font, and is restricted to a maximum of 23 lines of text per page, just as the NIV version.

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