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By Anita Briggs

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By Anita Briggs
Read by Anita Briggs and the Full Cast Family Full Cast Audio, (2003)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on one CD
ISBN: 1-932076-32-8

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - February 17, 2004

Hobart is a wonderfully crafted and intriguing children's story by Anita Briggs that is brought to glorious life in this Full Cast Audio production. Hobart is a pig. Not just your ordinary run of the mill pig. Oh, no, not Hobart. That is not just because he is unwaveringly optimistic, but because he also wants to become a tap dancer. A tap dancing pig! "How unusual," you say. Well, you're not far off, for Hobart is a most unusual pig...

Hobart lives on a farm with his family, and when a mean gander tells his siblings that they are destined to end up as a side of bacon and pork chops, they despair and give up on pursuing their dreams. This is a tragic waste of talent as Violet had been a limber acrobat, Byron an inspired poet, and Wilfred an incredible singer. Once they loose hope, their talents begin to wither and they begin to slide down that slippery slope that will deposit them back into the realm of the ordinary barnyard pig.

Of all the siblings, only Hobart refuses to give up hope. His unwavering conviction that where there is hope, there is a way, is infectious. An infection that soon becomes epidemic! This remarkable production of Hobart includes piggy sound effects, a musical finale, and a cast that brings Hobart, the always hopeful pig, and his barnyard companions to life with remarkable vigor.

This marvelous tale will delight both young and old alike. Engaging, humorous, and uplifting, Hobart will remind you that dreams do come true!

This Full Cast Audio production features Anita Briggs as the narrator and Ryan Sparkes as Hobart. Other actors that appear in this production include Joanna D'Aloisio, Karam Anthony, Galen Druke, Alice Morigi, Bill Molesky, Mimi K. Mead, and Daniel Bostick.

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