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Village of the Small Houses
By Ian Ferguson
Narrated by Ian Ferguson

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Village of the Small Houses

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Village of the Small Houses
A Memoir of Sorts
By Ian Ferguson
Narrated by Ian Ferguson
BTC Audio Books, 2005
An Imprint of Goose Lane Editions
An Abridged Audio Recording on 2 CDs
ISBN: 0-86492-395-3
Genre: Memoir

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - April 8, 2005

Ian Ferguson wasn't meant to be born in the small, isolated town of Fort Vermilion, Alberta, but he was. In 1959 his parents were on the lam from the law, and found sanctuary in this isolated, and impoverished, village. In this side-splittingly humorous memoir, Ferguson relates a semi-fictionalized account of his childhood. In 2004, Ferguson's Village of the Small Houses was awarded the Leacock Medal for Humor, and in September of 2004, this reading of the book was broadcasted on CBC Radio.

Beginning with his birth and the events that carried his parents to Fort Vermilion, this memoir provides a glimpse into the harsh realities of life in Northern Alberta, where Ian, his numerous siblings, and neighboring children, grew up without the benefits of indoor plumbing and television. Horrors of horrors, they had to make their own fun and to learn to make do with what was at hand. This riveting account follows Ian from childhood through manhood, when he finally leaves Fort Vermilion and discovers that he doesn't really know a thing about the outside world.

This audio edition of Village of the Small Houses is narrated by the author, and his reading is as energetic and spirited as is the story. One of the hallmarks of a good biography or memoir is that it transports the reader into someone else's shoes, enabling them to empathize with the subject under study. The Village of the Small Houses does this, and more. Not only does this memoir let you take a stroll through Ferguson's childhood, but Ferguson also spins an uproariously funny yarn that is sure to entertain.

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