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3.5X Illuminated Desk Magnifier With 3.5
Illuminated Desk Magnifier
Item # 353825
From Independent Living Aids, LLC

Reviewed by Angela Evans - December 19, 2008

The Illuminated Desk Magnifier From Independent Living Aids features a 3.5" lens with 3.5X magnification, situated upon an adjustable arm that extends up to 17". The entire unit, except for the magnifier is white, with a handy on-and-off switch located on the base of the unit that controls the light. The adjustable can arm be easily moved up or down to enable you to position it for optimal use. This desk magnifier can be used in three ways, one is simply as a hands-free magnifier, secondly, you can just use it as a desk lamp, or thirdly, you can use it as a combined light and magnifier.

I found this to be an extremely handy desk magnifier and it serves equally well as a desk lamp. The lamp is a flourescent bulb that casts, at least to my eyes, a slightly bluish light. At first I thought that this would be annoying, but I found it to be a rather soothing light source, and one that did not produce any excess glare. In addition, the light is located beneath the magnifying lens, so you do not have the light shining in your eyes when using the magnifier. The lens and light are located at the end of the adjustable arm, allowing you to move the magnifier out the way when needed, yet still allowing you to use the light.

I found the 3.5" diameter magnifying lens to be large enough to use as a reading magnifier, as well as when sewing. As such, it will benefit not only those with low vision, but also crafters, jewelers, fly tying enthusiast, and anyone needing a bit of extra magnification when working with small items. In addition, the added light really helps to improve the viewing quality of the item you are looking at, as well as providing general illumination.

Overall, I was really impressed with this Illuminated Desk Magnifier. It requires no assembly, all you need do is take it out of the box, and plug it in. The light is very bright without being overpowering, and the 3.5X magnification is perfect for most uses. I highly recommend this product!

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