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Straight Into Darkness
By Faye Kellerman
Read by Paul Michael

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Straight Into Darkness

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Straight Into Darkness
By Faye Kellerman
Read by Paul Michael
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2005)
An Abridged Recording on 4 Cassettes or 5 CDs
ISBN: 1-59483-042-8 (Cassettes)
ISBN: 1-59483-043-6 (CDs)
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - September 22, 2005

This chilling murder mystery begins with the brutal killing of Anna Gross, a young and beautiful 'society' wife. Written by Faye Kellerman, Straight Into Darkness is a much darker and more gruesome tale than her previous works. Set in Munich Germany, in the late 1920's, this story features Axel Berg as the Homicide inspector that is tasked with solving this horrendous murder. His investigation takes a nasty turn when yet another body; that of a woman dressed in an evening gown, is found. It is soon obvious that the deaths are related and that a serial killer is on the loose. Can Berg track him down before he can strike again?

To solve this case, Berg must first decide why Gross was killed and how the deaths of the other victims are connected. Was Gross killed because she was Jewish? Might her death have had some political implications? Might it simply be a case of love gone wrong? Or is the killer simply a psychopath? Determining why the victims were killed is the first step in finding their killer. The next step is trying to stop him.

Figuring out why Gross and the others died is a task that is complicated by the fact that during this period, Munich is in turmoil. Adolf Hitler is rallying his followers, street fights are common between Hitler's Brownshirts (the private army of the Nazi party) and rival political groups, Jews are being targeted for abuse. For these and numerous other reasons, the entire city is on edge. As the case unfolds Berg discovers that there are few people that he can trust, and worse, any misstep could lead to his own demise.

Straight Into Darkness is a gripping drama, which is read by Paul Michael in this audio edition of the book. This is the most intriguing and detailed of all of Kellerman's books that I've read. Berg is an odd sort of hero, with demons of his own. Despite his flaws, his character is mesmerizing, and Michael ably captures Berg's dark side as well as his companionate side.

A must for Kellerman's fans, Straight Into Darkness will also interest anyone interested in stories relating to pre-World War II Germany, as well as murder mystery fans.

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