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Who Let the Dogs In?
By Molly Ivins

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Who Let the Dogs In?

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Who Let the Dogs In?
Incredible Political Animals I Have Known
By Molly Ivins
Read by Molly Ivins
Random House Audio, (2004)
ISBN: 0-7393-1384-3
Genre: Political Humor

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - October 18, 2004

Molly Ivins is an astute political commentator, with a wicked sense of humor. In Who Let the Dogs In? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known she takes aim at the American political scene - and its politicians. It is the perfect book to listen to during this contentious election season.

The Random House Audiobook edition of Who Let the Dogs In? represents an abridgment of the printed edition. This abridgement has been approved by the author, who also is the reader of this droll foray into politics. Ivins' has a slight southern - Texas accent, and friendly sounding voice that generates the feeling that you are sitting across the table from her as she sips a cup of coffee while expounding upon her political views and experiences to a dear friend. This book also serves as a companion volume to Ivins' best-selling book, Bushwhacked.

In Who Let the Dogs In? Ivins' provides an overview of her opinions concerning the current state of American politics, ranging from her opinion that the Christian Right is being manipulated by the people with 'another agenda' to the role played by propagandist in promoting a range of extremist agendas from anti-environmentalism to the move to overturn Roe vs. Wade. The bulk of this book however, is comprised by her reading of a series of columns that she wrote that describe many of the politicians that she has met over the course of her career, from Roland Regan and H. Ross Perot to Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

Each column is infused with humor and astute commentary on the various political actions taken by each politician that came under her looking glass. The politicians mentioned in this book made Ivins' task effortless by their personal foibles and the perchance, of many, to make seemingly unimaginable missteps and to their unbelievable ability to trip over their own tongues. Starting with Reagan, Ivins touches upon the lives and deeds of politicians, from every party, up to, and including, the members of Dubya's (Bush the Second) administration, with finesse and a barbed wit.

In modern parlance, Ivins is a liberal. A Texas liberal at that! Despite this moniker, she is amply able to poke fun at politicians from every walk - a task that is made especially easy due to most politicians' perchance to do things that make it so, so easy to poke fun at them!

I do not envy her the task she must have faced when having to pick through her columns to find the most outlandish and silly men and women to spotlight, as well as a few of those unusual politicians who happen to be smart and who actually work for the public good. This collection is both humorous and telling. Her commentaries are backed-up by in-depth research, personal insights in the men and women she has met, and her broad understanding of current events. This is a must 'listen to' for anyone with an interest in politics, as well as for anyone who wants something distracting to listen to. Be forewarned, however, while Ivins' witty jabs are humorous, they are also pertinent. You may start out thinking that you don't really care about politics, and find, after listening to this book, that you have developed an interest in politics and the men and women who we have elected to 'lead' us...

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