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Cometh the Hour
By Jeffrey Archer
A Book Review

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Cometh the Hour

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Cometh the Hour
Book 6 of The Clifton Chronicles
By Jeffrey Archer
Thorndike Large Print, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-4104-8533-5
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Harry S. Chou - March 29, 2016

Jeffrey Archer ended Mightier Than the Sword, the fifth book in his Clifton Chronicles series, with a cliff-hanger. It's been a bit of a wait to find out what happened, but in the sixth volume of the series, Cometh the Hour Archer picks up just where the fifth book ended and quickly pulls us up from the cliff where he had left us hanging, and moves rapidly into the next installment of the story. But be forewarned, installment six also ends with a cliff-hanger!

If you are not familiar with the series, let me just say that the series follows Harry Clifton and his wide circle of family and friends starting from 1920's, with each installment of the story moving us closer to the present day. Cometh the Hour takes the story up through the early 1970's. In short, the Clifton Chronicles is a soap-opera on steroids, replete with lots of unexpected twists and turns, dire predicaments for the heroes to extract themselves from, complicated family relations, lots of money, legal, and political problems, and occasional moments of tenderness. While you could jump into the series with this volume, I highly recommend that you start at the beginning with Only Time Will Tell, the first book in the series.

This installment starts with a suicide note that puts everyone on edge. Emma Clifton is dealing with the ramifications of some nasty legal proceedings. Her brother, Giles Barrington is trying to get his girlfriend out of East Germany. Harry Clifton is working to get a Soviet Poet out of a gulag. Lady Virginia is having money troubles. Sebastian Clifton, Harry & Emma's son is in love with a young woman whose parents have forbidden the match... Like I said, the series is like a soap opera, the steroids come in when Archer adds some neat twists such as, is Barrington's girlfriend really a spy and will Harry's efforts to free the poet land him in jail? As well, Margaret Thatcher and her political schemes make a showing, and there is much intrigue to be found on the business side of things to liven up the story. If you don't like soap operas - run away from this book as fast as you can. If you do, sit back and enjoy. (Best of all, this book is marketed more as a thriller than a soap opera. In addition, the series has, I would imagine, just as many male readers as female one, so sit back and enjoy a guilty pleasure that you can read in public without fear of having your mates give you smirks - for despite the soap opera tendency that this book might have it is decidedly not chick lit!)

I will not say more about what happens in the story, just let it suffice to say that 'lots' happen, and if you like the earlier books in the series, you will find this latest addition very satisfying to read. In fact, I think that The Clifton Chronicles series by is unique among long running fiction series, because it is only getting better with each new volume! All too often authors seem to get bored with their series and the longer a series goes on the weaker the story line and the sloppier the writing. Archer is once again proving that he is a cut above the average writer. Cometh the Hour is the sixth edition to the Clifton Chronicles and it is as powerfully and fast paced as the first five books in the series. Most important, it has left me waiting very impatiently for the next installment, which I've heard (but cannot confirm) that it is suppose to be the last book in the series. If the seventh volume is true to form, I expect that Archer will provide us with a very satisfying ending. For those, like me, who are waiting for the next installment in the series, I've heard that it is to be released in November of 2016, and it is entitled, This Was a Man. I do not know when, or if, it will be released in large print. However, the first six books in the series have all been released in large print, so I'll keep my fingers crossed that the seventh will be as well...

For those looking to read the series in order, here is a list of the books in the series, with links to the large print editions on (except for the last book):

1. Only Time Will Tell (2011) Large Print Edition

2. The Sins of the Father (2012) Large Print Edition

3. Best Kept Secret (2013) Large Print Edition

4. Be Careful What You Wish For (2014) Large Print Edition

5. Mightier Than the Sword (2015) Large Print Edition

6. Cometh the Hour (2016) Large Print Edition

7. This Was a Man (November 2016) - Standard Print Edition

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