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Smart Medicine for Your Eyes
A Guide to Safe and Effective Relief of Common Eye Disorders
By Dr. Jeffery Anshel

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Smart Medicine for Your Eyes

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Smart Medicine for Your Eyes
By Dr. Jeffery Anshel
Avery Publishing Group, (1999)
ISBN: 0-89529-870-8
Genre: Health - Eye Diseases

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - May 24, 2001

Most people, when they think about visual problems, automatically assume that everything can be 'fixed' with glasses. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In Smart Medicine for Your Eyes, Dr. Jeffrey R. Anshel offers an overview of conventional, nutritional, and homeopathic treatments for many common eye disorders. With this information in hand, individuals can take a proactive stance in managing their own eye care. They will also have a better understanding of when it is essential that they seek the services of an eye care professional.

Jeffrey Anshel is a Doctor of Optometry. In his private practice he offers his patients the option of using alterative therapies as a component of their regular vision care. Many doctors fail to offer this option or to even explain to their patients that such options might exist. Smart Medicine serves to rectify this oversight. It not only provides information about traditional and alternative therapies, but it is also a reference book containing basic information on many common eye disorders.

Smart Medicine is divided into three sections. The cornerstone of the book is the second section. This section contains encyclopedic type entries that describe the various disorders. Each entry is followed by a description of conventional treatment methods and an overview of self-treatment options, when such treatments are appropriate. In the self-treatment sections, Anshel lists what nutritional supplements, herbs, or homeopathic remedies may be helpful. For some entries, such as Computer Vision Syndrome, he offers recommendations on steps you can take to help alleviated the problem, such as changing the height of your monitor.

Part one of Smart Medicine for Your Eyes is entitled, 'The Elements of Eye Care'. In this section Anshel describes, in laymen's terms, the basics of eye anatomy and how the eyes work. The text includes diagrams that illustrate the concepts being discussed. He discusses how vision develops and provides information explaining how to tell if a child is experiencing vision problems. He also explains how an eye doctor would go about examining an infant's eyes, as well as suggestions on steps you can take on how to enhance your child's visual development. This section also includes general information on how to choose and find an eye care professional and what to expect during an exam. In addition, the first section of this book provides an overview on the role that nutrition can play regarding eye health and which herbs may be beneficial to improving your eye sight. Anshel also explains what Homeopathy is and how it works.

In the third section of the book, Anshel provides an overview of the various techniques and procedures that are commonly used to treat various eye problems. Items discussed include acupuncture, cataract surgery, contact lenses and eyeglasses, orthokeratology, refractive surgery, and vision therapy. Smart Medicine for Your Eyes also includes other useful additions, such as a glossary and list of supplies from which you can order the herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies listed in this book.

The writing in this book is clear and is geared toward a general audience. Overall, I found this book to be informative and very interesting. I am not an authority on herbal or homeopathic treatments so I cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments offered in the book. However it does seem to me that Anshel offers some intriguing alternatives to conventional treatments that you may wish to discuss with your eye doctor. My only real complaint with this book is that Smart Medicine is not available in large print.

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