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The Secret Sharer
By Joseph Conrad

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The Secret Sharer

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The Secret Sharer
By Joseph Conrad
Read How You Want Classics Library, (2009)
EasyRead Large Bold Edition in a 16 Point, Bold, Large Print Type
ISBN: 978-1-4270-3013-9
Genre: Literature - Classics

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - April 27, 2009

The Secret Sharer is a novella by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924). It is the story of young sea captain who must learn to deal with his insecurities if he is to maintain control of his ship - and his men. Events take an unexpected turn when the captain allows Leggatt, a man he later learns is a murderer, to hide out on his ship. The captain meets Leggatt shortly after the murderer had jumped-ship, fleeing from his previous billet on the Sephora where he had killed a man. The Secret Sharer is a masterful work of suspense and story telling and was, at the time it was written, at the forefront of the developing psychological realism genre.

The young, unnamed captain, in The Secret Sharer faces a daunting task when he takes over command of his ship. This is his first command, and only one member of his crew is younger then himself. As you might expect, the crew is not thrilled at the prospect of being ordered about by a young, untested whippersnapper. The captain has been given the task of sailing his ship from Bangkok, Thailand, where he picked up the ship, and guiding her back to England. To succeed at his task, he will not only have to prove himself to his crew, but also to himself. As well, the captain's efforts to keep his passenger hidden, not only heightens the story's tension, but also complicates the captain's efforts to prove himself to his crew.

The Secret Sharer is one of Conrad's best works. If you are unfamiliar with his writings, this is a wonderful book with which to introduce yourself to this talented literary figure. Conrad was born in Poland and made a name for himself as one of the renowned English novelist, despite the fact that he did not learn English until he was twenty-one! He also served 16 years as a seaman, with his time divided up between both the French and British Merchant Navies. The experiences he had in the merchant navy allowed him bring a well-earned sense of realism to his numerous nautically themed novels.

The Secret Sharer is one of the many books in Read How You Want's Classics Library, which features this book, and many other classics in variety of formats, including five different large print formats, as well as in Braille and in DAISY formats.

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