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Running with the Giants
By John C. Maxwell
Read by the Author

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Running with the Giants

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Running with the Giants
What Old Testament Heroes Want You to Know about Life and Leadership
By John C. Maxwell
Read by John C. Maxwell
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2006)
An Unabridged Audio Recording on 2 CDs or 1 cassette
ISBN: 1-59483-530-6
Genre: Business - Motivational

Reviewed by Herbert White - April 6, 2006

For millenniums, the heroes of the Old Testament have been the role models of billions of people. They have served as moral guide posts upon which to measure yourself and your actions. These heroes can teach us not only about ourselves, but also how we can become better 'leaders'. By internalizing their spirit, we can use the leadership skills that their lives illustrate in both our everyday life, and in the business world.

John C. Maxwell is a respected Christian, motivational speaker, and writer. In his new work, Running with the Giants, he succinctly comments on the leadership skills we can garner from these great biblical figures and how through their inspirational messages we can grow - spiritually, morally, and in our management skills.

This unabridged audio edition of Running with the Giants is read by the author, himself, and the power of his voice serves to reinforce the inspirational message that he is delivering. This is a short book, and the audio edition is contained on a single cassette. The 'shortness' of this book is deceptive in that it packs a wealth of information into an easily accessible, inspirational lecture.

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