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How to Hear From God
By Joyce Meyer

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How to Hear From God

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How to Hear From God
By Joyce Meyer
Read by the Author
Time Warner AudioBooks, (2003)
An Abridged Audio Recording on 4 Cassette
ISBN: 1-58621-620-1
Genre: Christian Self-Help, Inspirational

Reviewed by Angela Evans - September 22, 2003

How to Hear From God is a powerful lecture by the renowned Christian inspiration speaker and preacher, Joyce Meyer. In this lecture she offers advice on how to open your heart, and your mind to God. By being receptive to God and his word, you will begin to hear his voice and incorporate his teachings and wisdom into your day to day life. This abridged recording of How to Hear From God is read by the author herself, and the authority of her message is clearly felt through her reading.

Hearing voices is not normally seen as a good thing, but in this case it is perfectly normal. Meyer shows that once you learn how to listen for God's voice, you will begin to hear it no matter what you are doing. She explains that God speaks to us in many diverse ways, and that it is up to us to recognize his voice. For example he may speak to us through the deeds of others, through our own thoughts, dreams and visions, and of course, via the bible.

Meyer contends that this voice can help keep you from falling into wickedness, and that by consulting the voice of God you can learn to make the correct decision - no matter what you are trying to decide. Moreover, by listening to this voice you will gain an inner sense of peace and contentment that will sustain you throughout your life. Meyer also touches upon the various roadblocks that exist that can prevent you from hearing God's voice, and she offers advice on how to overcome these roadblocks.

This is a powerful lecture, and Meyer's advice is profound and sustaining. Her message is one that makes sense, and one that I can see as a valid means of making a direct and meaningful connection with God. However, I see one problem with her message. How can you truly be sure that you are listening to the right voice? After all, if God can talk to you through these various means, why not the Devil? It is the duty of every good Christian to ensure that they are following the correct path. Therefore, it is important, I feel, that you listen carefully to the advice you are receiving from this voice, to ensure that it is truly God given.

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