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Second Honeymoon
By Joanna Trollope

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Second Honeymoon

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Second Honeymoon
By Joanna Trollope
Thorndike Press - Large Print Edition (2006)
ISBN: 0-7862-8896-5
Genre: Fiction, Chick-Lit

Reviewed by Angela Evans - November 15, 2006

Second Honeymoon is the latest edition to Joanna Trollope vast body of work. She has written more than fifteen novels, each one better than the last. Second Honeymoon is a sweet change-of-life story about a woman who finds that after her children have grown and moved on, she has yet to discover who she really is, other than just 'mum'. The mother of three children, Edie sets out to rediscover her true self in this heartwarming and lighthearted story.

As the story begins, Edie's youngest child is in the process of moving out, and her husband Russell is thrilled. At last they can get on with their own lives and relationship - a relationship that has long taken a backseat to that of being parents. Edie, however, is unsure of what she really wants, and is beginning to suffer a full-blown attack of empty-nester syndrome. However, as with life, things don't go as anyone plans and without warning, Edie has a full nest again as her grown children return home, much to Russell's displeasure!

A fun, quiet read, Second Honeymoon is told from a multiple of viewpoints. I think that I would have preferred reading the story strictly from Edie's viewpoint. However, the parts of the story told from her children's viewpoints help to give the story perspective and to make the story accessible to a wider audience (age range wise). The characters in this story are whimsical, and their foibles amusing without being outright comical.

This is a great 'family' story that will resonate particularly well with middle-aged women who are facing some of the same issues as Edie. Second Honeymoon is also a story that leaves you with a question, is Edie better off with an empty-nest, or a full one? What do you think?

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