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Written on the Wind
By Judith Pella

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Written on the Wind

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Written on the Wind
Daughters of Fortune - Book 1
By Judith Pella
Bethany House - Large Print, (2002)
ISBN: 0-7642-2609-6
Genre: Christian / Historical Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - March 11, 2004

Written on the Wind is the first book in Judith Pella's new World War II series Daughters of Fortune. Set against the background of a world at war, this novel follows the adventures of the three Hayes sisters, Cameron, Blair, and Jackie as they seek to establish themselves in their chosen careers.

The story is basically three interwoven stories. The main story focuses on Cameron. A journalist, Cameron is determined to establish herself as an independent and respect reporter. A task made more difficult by the fact that she works for her father's newspaper, and hence the ugly head of nepotism unfairly taints all her work. In her early 20's, Cameron is a strong willed, determined, and intelligent young woman. To try to 'make it on her own' she leaves her father's newspaper to take a job with a paper run by her father's rival, who sends her to Russia, in 1941. She has many adventures in Russia, reporting on the looming Nazi invasion and the strife and devastation that it is causing. For a time, her ambitions blind her to the physical and spiritual suffering going on around her, but her eyes are eventually opened and she must make some very important decisions that will affect not only her career, but also her entire life.

There are two subplots that revolve around Cameron's story. One concerns Cameron's sister Blair, a wannabe Hollywood actress who is desperate to find love, and the other concerns Jackie, a college student. The youngest and most religious of the three sisters, Jackie leads a relatively unremarkable life, that is, until her life takes a dramatic turn when she begins to date Sam, a Japanese-American. As with Cameron and Jackie, Blair's life also takes a major turn in this story when she falls in love with a man who thinks that she is a totally different person than she really is.

Throughout this story, the three young women must face their own demons, and the fact that the war is rapidly changing the world in which they live. Written on the Wind is a suspenseful tale that is rich in historical detail and which as an unintrusive inspirational message. The characters are well wrought and I look forward to seeing how they mature as the series progresses.

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