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Account Settled
By John Russell Fearn

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Account Settled

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Account Settled
By John Russell Fearn
Linford Mystery Library: Large Print (2006)
ISBN: 1-84617-487-2
Genre: Mystery

Reviewed by Herbert White - May 21, 2009

Account Settled is a satisfying mystery with just a hint of science fiction material thrown into the mix. What makes this story so satisfying is that Larry Clark of the C.I.D. is faced with the task of solving a murder that might not have happened, which was carried out by a man who might not exist, and who was brought to justice by a woman who wasn't who, or what, she seemed to be. From this confusion of what ifs, misdirections, and scientific innuendo, the story only gets better!

Written by John Russell Fearn, and originally published under the penname of John Russell, Account Settled is one of Fearn's meatier mysteries. The basic premise is simple enough. A Swiss scientist by the name of Rajek Quinton has invented a self-sinking atomic bomb. Emerson Drew is the head of the Drew Combine - a syndicate that controls a variety of industries including financial and manufacturing outlets. Drew and his cohorts want the device so that he can use it to acquire money and power. To obtain the device he has Quinton murdered - in this case by being pushed down a mineshaft.

Thereafter, Detective Clark enters the picture, charged with investigating the scientist's murder. With information provided by Joyce Sutton, Drew's private secretary, it looks like Drew will be quickly brought to justice. However, everything seems to be just a bit too pat for Clark, which gets him wondering if he has really gotten to the truth of the case. To set his own mind at ease, he sets out to investigate his own investigation, and soon discovers that no one is who they seem to be and nothing is really what it is. I cannot say anything else without spoiling the books electrifying ending. So I'll shut up now, except to say, "If you are looking for a gripping, fast-paced, cozy mystery with a hint of science fiction, read Account Settled, you'll not be disappointed!

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