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I Spy...
By John Russell Fearn

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I Spy...

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I Spy...
By John Russell Fearn
Linford Mystery Library: Large Print (2008)
ISBN: 978-1-84782-491-2
Genres: Mystery, Science Fiction

Reviewed by Herbert White - January 29, 2009

Originally published in 1954, this new, large print edition of I Spy..., by John Russell Fearn is a complete and unabridged edition of the original text. This is a rousing mystery with strong science fiction overtones. The story follows Curtis Drew, a scientist who is trying to create a surgical aid by combing x-rays with a television set. Instead, he accidently creates Z-rays, which are capable of recording anything they are directed at - no matter where or how far away the event is from the Z-ray apparatus.

The long shot of this development is that privacy as we know it has been ended by the Z-ray. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, someone can record the event using the Z-ray apparatus. While this device could be used as a weapon of evil, it also has the possibility of being used for the good of all mankind. The only problem is, Drew is not as altruistic as we might hope, and begins to use the device to blackmail people. A couple of murders ensue, and in no time, Metropolitan Scotland Yard is on the case!

John Russell Fearn (1908-1960) was a prolific writer who wrote more than fifty books during his short career. Many of his works where originally published under a variety of pseudonyms including Thornton Ayre, Laurence F. Rose, Dennis Clive, Polton Cross, Astron Del Martia, Hugo Blayn, Volsted Gridban, Vargo Statten, Elizabeth Rutland (used for his romance novels) and many, many more. In fact, I Spy... was originally published under the name of Vargo Statten.

I Spy... is a quick and satisfying read. It will appeal to both fans of science fiction and the mystery genre. Most important, if you are unfamiliar with the works of John Russell Fearn, or an old fan, you will be delighted to discover that at least thirty-three of his books are now available in large print as part of the Linford Mystery Library!

I Spy... s can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of the Linford Mystery Library.

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