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The Judgement of Caesar
By Steven Saylor

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The Judgement of Caesar

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The Judgement of Caesar
A Mystery of Ancient Rome
By Steven Saylor
ISIS Large Print, 2006
ISBN: 0-7531-7565-7
Genre: Historical Mystery

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - June 7, 2006

Set in the days of Ancient Rome, The Judgement of Caesar is an enthralling mystery by Steven Saylor. It is also the newest edition, in large print, to Saylor's Roma Sub Rosa series. Like the other books in this series, this book focuses on Gordianus the Finder. Gordianus is a middle-aged man with astute deductive powers and a knack for keeping his head (literally) in situations where lesser men would have met their doom. Gordianus is a family man who is married to his ex-concubine. By profession he is a professional 'finder' who has a habit of getting involved in political intrigues.

This well-paced, thrilling addition to the series, opens with Gordianus taking his wife Bethesda to Egypt in search of a cure for a long-standing illness that has sapped her strength. Before they can reach the shores, however, their ship is halted by those belonging to Pompey, a man who has vowed to kill Gordianus. Once again, however, Gordianus escapes death and embarks upon a non-stop adventure through the halls of Egyptian and Roman power and the streets of Alexandria as he is drawn into the political intrigues of Cleopatra, Caesar, Ptolemy, Pompey, and even those of his own son, Meto. While this book is a continuation of Saylor's previous Roma Sub Rosa, it can be read out of order. Saylor provides enough background information so that someone new to the series can follow along, yet not so much that a steady reader would find the information boring.

The Judgement of Caesar is a solid mystery (in this case a murder mystery) that is filled with fascinating tidbits of Roman and Egyptian history set against the backdrop of Caesar's and Pompey's quest for control of Egypt - and the entire Roman world. This is pivotal period in Roman history, and Saylor captures both its grandeur and historical importance within the scope of this entertaining and action packed novel.

The Judgement of Caesar is the best historical novel that I've read in some time. Saylor's research is impeccable and this story adheres to the main historical facts of the time. More important, he has a faculty for interweaving these historical details with crisp dialog and a well wrought plot that will make you an instant fan of the series, if you are not one already! The Judgement of Caesar is a great all around book that I highly recommend to all readers.

The Judgement of Caesar can be purchased directly from Ulverscroft, the parent company of ISIS Large Print.

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