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Judge & Jury
By James Patterson & Andrew Gross
Read by Joe Mantegna

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Judge & Jury

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Judge & Jury
By James Patterson & Andrew Gross
Read by Joe Mantegna
Hachette Audio, (2006)
An Unabridged Recording on 7 CDs or 5 Cassettes
ISBN: 1-59483-332-X (CDs)
ISBN: 1-59483-331-1 (Cassettes)
Genre: Thriller

Reviewed by Angela Evans - July 28, 2006

The writing team of James Patterson and Andrew Gross have once again written a compelling and intriguing light read that is perfect for beach listening or for listening to in the car as you go back and forth to work or sally forth on your vacation. Their newest endeavor, Judge & Jury is a well-paced legal thriller that revolves around the trial of Dominic Cavelloa, an infamous mob boss. The case brings together Andie DeGrasse, an actress 'stuck' on the jury of the Mafia Don and Nick Pellisante, an FBI agent bent upon bringing Cavelloa, a.k.a The Electrician, to justice.

The story rushes from being an interesting legal case to a pulse pounding thriller when the Electrician hires Richard Nordeshenko, a skilled assassin, to stop the trial. In doing this, he leaving a long line of bodies in his wake. The trial over, it falls upon DeGrasse and Pellisante to ensure that the Don gets the justice that he deserves. However, they soon find themselves in the predicament of having to get the Don before he gets them!

This exciting thriller is read by Joe Mantegna, a Tony award winning actor who has appeared in such films as The Godfather III, Glengarry Glen Ross, Bugsy, and Searching for Bobby Fischer. His reading is energetic and full of nuances that enliven an already lively story. Judge & Jury does start out a bit slowly, but this is only the lull before the storm. This quiet interlude lays the foundation for the rest of the book, introduces the characters, and acts as a counter-balance to the non-stop portions of the story. This is one of Patterson's better books.

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