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Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes
By Cathy Holton

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Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes

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Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes
By Cathy Holton
Thorndike Press - Large Print Edition (2006)
ISBN: 0-7862-8945-7
Genre: Fiction, Chick-Lit

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - November 3, 2006

Without a doubt, Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes, by Cathy Holton is my favorite chick-lit novel of the year! This amazingly funny story in which three women, Nita Broadwell, Eadie Boone and Lavonne Zibolsky, who are all married to 'pillars of the community' lawyers, set out to seek revenge upon their cheating husbands. Set in Georgia, and filled with southern nuances and quirks, the three women form a 'First Wives Club' and set out to sabotage their husband's annual nubile women hunting expedition, while having a bit of fun on their own.

In the process of seeking revenge, these middle age women go through a series of misadventures and quirky encounters. They also manage to attend the annual Kudzu Ball, an event that parodies traditional southern debutante-styled balls. From beginning to end, this is an entertaining ride through Georgia and the lives of these three desperate women who have been united by a need to regain control of their out-of-control lives. For example, Nita's husband is controlling, Eadie's husband is about to 'exchange' her for a younger model, and Lavonne's marriage lacks passion, among other things.

Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes is a fun, quick read that picks fun some of the modern traditions of the nuevo-southerners, and at such now common traditions as middle age men ditching their wives to marry younger, and flightier, models. Like many books of this ilk, Holton lightly touches upon some serious issues, but on the whole she manages to keep this book lively and light-hearted. Be forewarned, this is a book that once you start reading, you'll not be able to put it down, except of course, while you are rolling on the ground laughing! Highly recommended!!

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