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Welcome to Your Crisis
By Laura Day

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Welcome to Your Crisis
How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want
By Laura Day
Read by Laura Day
Hachette Audio, (2006)
An Abridged Recording on 3 CDs
ISBN: 1-59483-222-6
Genre: Self-Help

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - June 7, 2006

Everyone has experience at lease one crisis in their life. Or if you are like many people, you may experience several a day! According to Laura Day you can let these various crises destroy you, or you can harness them to help make you a better, stronger, and more effective person. She details her theory in her book, Welcome to Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want.

Day can be classed as a motivational speaker, as she has taught her various methods of self-improvement in venues around the world. As such, she brings her experiences and charismatic speaking voice to the reading of the audio edition of this compelling book.

In this book, Day contends that while crises can be painful, you can use them to reorient your life and to transform yourself into the person that you truly want to become - rather than the person that you are at the moment. To harness your crises, from small daily ones to horrific ones like the sudden death of a love one, Day offers a host of exercises, meditations, and activities that you can use to manipulate the crisis into something good.

I found the most useful part of this book was not so much learning how to use a crisis to transform you life, rather it was her thoughts on how you can best strive to overcome painful or devastating periods of crisis with a minimum of down time or depressive episodes. I can't say that the advice in this book will help you to truly become a new person, but it will help you find a healthy balance when it comes to dealing with the day to day crises that afflict everyone's life. More important, it will help you deal with and overcome the bigger crises that, hopefully, will seldom intrude upon your life.

Welcome to Your Crisis is a worthwhile book to listen to, and you are sure to come away with at least one or two tidbits that will help improve your life - and take control of it! If you believe in the old adage "If life give you lemons, make lemonade" this book is for you as well as for anyone who wants to learn how to take something normally seen as bad and turn it into something good.

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