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The Atlas of Ophthalmology
By Alfredo Gomez Leal and Pablo Muñoz Rodriquez

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The Atlas of Ophthalmology

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The Atlas of Ophthalmology
By Alfredo Gomez Leal and Pablo Muñoz Rodriquez
The Basic Bookshelf for Eyecare Processionals
SLACK Incorporated, (2002)
Standard Print – ISBN: 1-55642-574-0
Genre: Eye Diseases, Ophthalmology

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - October 31, 2002

It is safe to say that every eyecare clinician has seen a healthy eye in the course of their practice. However, by the very nature of the practice, you are bound to regularly see patients with eye abnormalities. Sometimes their condition will be easy to diagnoses at other times, especially with rare conditions, the diagnostician's task is more difficult. The ability to consult pictures of patients with the same or similar conditions can be helpful when making a differential diagnosis.

One source of such pictures is The Atlas of Ophthalmology, by Doctors Alfredo Gomez Leal and Pablo Muñoz Rodriquez. This lavishly illustrated volume boasts over 1400 clinical color photographs covering all aspects of ophthalmology. The atlas is divided in seventeen thematic chapters:
  1. Eyelids
  2. Lacrimal System
  3. Conjunctiva and Caruncle
  4. Sclera
  5. Cornea
  6. Lens
  7. Orbit
  8. Glaucoma
  9. Optic Nerve
  10. Retinal Dystrophies
  11. Vascular Alterations of the Retina
  12. Acquired Maculopathies
  13. Surgical Retina
  14. Tumors of the Retina and Choroid
  15. Inflammatory Ocular Disorders
  16. Viterous
  17. Strabismus
With the exception of chapter 17, all the main pages in this text are all similarly organized. Within each chapter, the material is broken down into specific topics. For example, the chapter on Eyelids is broken down into 29 subsections such as Pigmented Tumors of the Lids and Miscellaneous Palpebral Lesions. Each 'subsection' page contains a brief description of the topic in questions, or a discussion of the disease and its clinical findings. Also included on each page are five photographs related to the specific topic. Often these photographs show the various stages of the specific disorder under discussion. In addition, each photo is accompanied by explanatory annotations. Chapter 17, the chapter on Strabismus differs from the rest of the chapters in this book in that it does not contain five pictures per page. Rather, each page in this section contains one large picture showing a variety of gaze positions that help to illustrate each subtopic, such as Dissociated Vertical Deviation and Intermittent Exotropia.

The thematic organization of this atlas, and the detailed photographs make this book an essential reference guide for any practice, but it will also serve as an excellent study aid for students in the various ophthalmic fields. It will also be of interest to patients who wish an in-depth understanding of their patient. However such patients should be warned that many of the photos in this book are quite graphic and are not for the squeamish.

The Atlas of Ophthalmology is available from Slack Incorporated in both English and Spanish editions. Also available is CD-ROM that contains digital reproductions of all the photographs contained in the printed edition of this Atlas.

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