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King Lear
By William Shakespeare

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King Lear

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King Lear
By William Shakespeare
Part of the Arkangel Complete Shakespeare
The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.
A Fully Dramatized, Unabridged Recording, on 3 CDs
ISBN: 1-932219-18-8

Reviewed by Sheldon Ztvordokov - February 26, 2007

King Lear of Britain is a king beset by daughters. It is his goal to divide his kingdom between his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, based upon how well they can express their love and devotion to him. In reply, Goneril and Regan basically slobber over their father, effusively claiming their undying love in order to gain larger portions of his kingdom. Only Cordelia speaks honestly of her sincere love for her father, and for this she is repaid with total disownment.

Too late, King Lear discovers Goneril and Regan's deceit. As his mendacious daughters scheme to utterly destroy the old king, he descends into madness. Cordelia, who has since married the King of France, hears of her father's plight and comes to his aid. This time, she pays for her kindness and loyalty with her life!

King Lear is one of William Shakespeare's best tragic plays, one that highlights the all true fact that no matter how good or well-meaning you are, tragedy can still ensue. Throughout, Shakespeare highlights the various character flaws of his characters, and how avarice can destroy even the best of families. This is also a wonderful told tale full of misdirections, numerous characters in disguise, a fair dose of murder and mayhem, and warfare. This tale will delight not only Shakespearean fans, but also anyone interested in listening to a brilliant performance of a tragic and gripping drama.

This unabridged dramatic production of King Lear is part of The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare collection and it is a companion recording to the print edition of The Complete Pelican Shakespeare. This play was dramatized by a full cast of respected Shakespearean actors that included: This recording of King Lear is an unabridged dramatization, issued on three CDs. The CDs are packaged with liner notes that provide a scene by scene synopsis of the play, a cast list, and tracking list that will enable you to easily find each act and scene in the play. This is a full stage dramatization of the play, and it is rounded out by a musical score composed by Dominique Le Gendre and accompanying sound effects.

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