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Illuminated Stand Magnifier
From Bausch & Lomb

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Illuminated Stand Magnifier

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Illuminated Stand Magnifier
Sight Savers by Bausch & Lomb

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

I found the Sight Savers's Illuminated Stand Magnifier by Bausch & Lomb to be a remarkably handy device. What this is, is a 2" x 4" rectangular lens mounted on a stand that holds the lens about 5" above the surface that the stand is sitting on. This is a 2x powered lens that also contains a small, circular 6x powered lens, which has been inserted into one corner. Both lenses are made from optical quality acrylic, thereby providing distortion free magnification.

Alone, this magnifier is perfect for use when working with small, hand-held objects, such as stamps or fishing flies. However, the usefulness of this magnifier has been increased by the addition of a light, that is powered by normal household current (115-volt). This light uses a 7-watt bulb, which comes with the magnifier. The lamp, and the magnifying lens, can be viewed as one unit as they are both mounted onto the stand itself, which is made from a nickle-plated steel rod.

This device is further enhanced by the fact that both the lens and the lamp are adjustable. The lense can pivot 360 degrees, and the lamp about 180 degrees, which insures that the light is always pointed down. The unit is very lightweight, it can easily be moved, and the stand's feet are covered so that they will not scratch any surface that they are placed upon. In addition, the unit comes with a five-foot long electrical cord, which allows you to work at a distance from an electric outlet without having to use an extension cord.

In all, I found this illuminated stand magnifier to be of excellent quality, and extremely useful. Best yet, the bulb used in the lamp is similar to those used in some refrigerators. Consequently, obtaining a replacement bulb is easy, should you ever need one.

This review was originally published - April 14, 2002

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