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The Lizard of Oz
By Richard Seltzer

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The Lizard of Oz

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The Lizard of Oz
By Richard Seltzer
Seedy Press, (1991)
B & R Samizdat Express
P. O. Box 161
West Roxbury, MA, 02132
ISBN: 0-915232-93-6
Genre: Children's Fiction

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness - March 25, 2002

The Lizard of Oz is the title of CD that contains a collection of children's stories written by Richard Seltzer. The collection includes five multimedia books: The Lizard of Oz, Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome, Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils, Tiger in the Intercom, and See You Later, Elevator. Besides being able to read the text of these books, you can also listen to a narration of each story on a page by page basis using the RealPlayer audio player. Also included is a text only section entitled Food for Thought which consists of "brief excerpts from works alluded to in The Lizard of Oz."

All the stories are narrated by the author, Richard Seltzer. One of the nice things about the stories being offered in both text and audio components is that you have the choice of simply reading or listening to each story. You also have the option of listening to the story as you read along with the narrator. This last option is an excellent choice for youngsters just learning to read, as well as for adults learning English as a second language.

The fanciful stories on this CD were written for elementary school aged readers. The stories are engaging and well written and will captivate readers of all ages. They are also eminently suited to reading aloud, and the short chapters make them perfect for bedtime reading.

This CD runs on any Windows PC. You also need to have a web browser. By default, when you install the CD, the program opens in the Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. If you don't want to use Internet Explorer, there is a small button on the opening screen that you can click that will enable you to select an alternative browser with which to view these stories. I tired selecting another browser, and I had no trouble at all selecting an alternative browser (Netscape) with which to view the contents of this CD. Back to top

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