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Leslie Linsley's New Weekend Quilts
By Leslie Linsley

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Leslie Linsley's New Weekend Quilts

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Leslie Linsley's New Weekend Quilts
25 Quick and Easy Quilting Project You Can Complete in a Weekend
By Leslie Linsley
Thorndike Press, Large Print Edition (2009)
ISBN 10: 1-4104-1766-2
ISBN 13: 978-1-4104-1766-4
Genre: Crafts, How-To

Reviewed by Angela Evans - August 17, 2009

Years ago I use to watch a quilting how-to show on television that was hosted by Leslie Linsley, and I actually made a few quilts based upon the advice and instructions that she provided on the show. However, as my eyesight began to flag, I was unable to find a quilting book that I could read - let alone do the actual quilting when I could barely see the stitches! I was therefore thrilled when I discovered that one of Linsley's books was available in large print. Now, with the aid of a pair of magnifiers that fit over my eyeglasses, and her new book, I might look silly, but I'm happily back to quilting!

The book in question is Leslie Linsley's New Weekend Quilts. The book includes 25 easy to complete quilting projects that the author claims can be completed in one weekend. Were I younger and had better eyesight, I think that the weekend deadline would be doable, but as I'm not in any rush I'm not overly worried that it takes me bit longer to complete these projects than Linsley's can do them in.

Within the pages of this book, Linsley provides such complete and detailed instructions that even a novice sewer should have no problem following her instructions. Throughout she provides all necessary templates and patterns, as well as charts on how to assemble the quilts. She starts at the bare basics, such as quilting terms, moves on to how to cut and sew the quilt, and how to do the actual quilting, either by hand or machine. The range of quilting projects in this book range from Shoo-fly, Irish Chain and Log Cabin quilts, lap throws, and pillows, to more complex yet still easy to complete projects such as pinwheel crib quilt and several star quilts. You'll also find instructions for a patchwork tote, coverlets, sachets, a wall hanging, and a variety of mini and full size pillows.

The wide range of projects ensures that there is something for everyone. If you are new to quilting you will quickly discover that once you learn how to make a specific pattern, you can easily translate it into just about anything you want from pillow to quilt to wall hanging or even into articles of clothing, purses, or table covers. The only limit is your imagination. Even seasoned quilters will find Leslie Linsley's New Weekend Quilts to be great resource. Linsley offers a host of tips and techniques that will help you to streamline your quilting efforts, and she shares a host of quilting secrets that will increase your enjoyment and appreciation of the craft. She also offers tips on how to start a quilting club and how to choose the perfect fabrics for your quilts. I highly recommend this book for both novice and seasoned quilters!

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