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If I Gained the World
By Linda Nichols

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If I Gained the World

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If I Gained the World
By Linda Nichols
Bethany House Publishers
Large Print Edition - 2003
ISBN: 0-7642-2801-3
Genre: Christian Fiction

Reviewed by Angela Evans - December 11, 2003

Linda Nichols is a fabulous writer. Her characters are so realistic that you could easily imagine that are real people. Her novel If I Gained the World amply illustrates Nichols' skill as a writer. This story is not only uplifting, but it is also unforgettable. Although the book is somewhat long, 636 pages in the large print edition, you're bound to read it in one sitting as it is impossible to put down.

This phenomenally gripping story is about Lenore and her relationship with Daniel, and their son Scottie. As the story opens, Lenore asks Daniel a question that will chance their lives forever. I'd tell you what the question is, but it would give away too much of the story as it is not the type of question that you'd expect...

The result of this asking is the near destruction of her picture perfect life. As a result of asking this question, Lenore ends up taking her son Scottie, and leaving Daniel and her once happy home. As the story unfolds, we discover that the only chance of happiness that the family has lies in the hands of God. It is only through their faith, and their courage to believe in the saving power of grace that they will have any chance of once again becoming a family. In short, this story will not only touch your heart, but also your soul!

Nichols paints a vivid picture of Lenore and Daniel's lives together, and you share their pain when they break up. As absorbing as the details of the break up are, Nichols shines the best as she describes the long, hard road that each must follow as they begin to mend from this extreme hurt. Religion and faith play a major role in this story, but at its heart it is an unforgettable love story that will make you an instant Nichols fan, if you're not one already!

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