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BOLDview's Large Print Wall Calendar

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BOLDview's Large Print Wall Calendar
From Book Mountain

(Please note: It appears that Book Mountain is no longer in business. If you have any information to the contrary, please let us know. We are sorry for any inconvenience.)

Reviewed by Rochelle Caviness

Calendars come in many shapes and sizes. Some are gaily decorated. Others are stark, utilitarian items. However, there is one thing that most calendars have in common - they can be very hard to read if you happen to have low vision.

One exception to this rule is BOLDview's Large Print Calendars. Created specifically for individuals with low vision, their calenders are designed to reduce glare, and they are printed in extra large, dark type. In BOLDview's new large print wall calendar the type used for the months and the calendar numbers are all printed in 1 inch extra dark type that is over 1/4 inch wide. The days of the week are noted by letters that are an inch tall, and all notations for holidays are printed in type that is only slightly smaller. The calendar is also printed on heavy, matte finish paper that helps to reduce glare.

This calender has a spiral binding, and it can easily be mounted on a wall. When fully opened, the calendar measures 17" wide by 22" tall and can easily be seen from across the room by fully sighted individuals. Although not designed specifically for office use, the large type size makes it a practical item of use in factories or large offices, as it can be viewed from a great distance by non-visually impaired individuals.

The calendar is organized in a typical grid pattern with the days of the week indicated, by the day's initial, across the top of the grid. The days themselves are, as is usual, indicated by number. Measuring about 2 1/4" by 3 1/4", the blocks that make up the grid are generous in size, and they are large enough to allow you to make some notes on the calendar. This calender also includes listings for various religious, Canadian, and bank holidays. The seasons and daylight savings are also noted. However, rather than taking up space in the blocks to make these notations, they are noted at the top of each month's page with the date of the holiday or event, and its name. On days on which a holiday or event occurs, you will find an asterisk in the appropriate block. And, by referring to the listing at the top of the page, you can determine which holiday falls upon that day.

The BOLDview Large Print Wall Calendar is a marvelously practical and well-designed product. The type used is large, dark and definitely bold. The calendar is presented in a high contrast design, using dark, black type on a muted white background. The design of the binding also allows you to flip through the pages easily. In all regards, except its extra large type, this is a typical calendar. However, due to its size, you'll need to use two nails to hang it securely on the wall, rather than the one normally required for most wall calendars.

This review was originally published - October 6, 2002

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