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Carson LumiDomePlus

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Carson LumiDomePlus

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Carson LumiDomePlus
A 3x Power, Acrylic Ball Magnifier
Model Number: LD-75
From: Carson Optical

Reviewed by Auggie Moore - March 2, 2009

The Carson LumiDomePlus is an odd looking magnifier that is a major workhorse in disguise! Imagine you have a clear ball about the size of a tennis ball. Cut it in half and slice off two ends so that you have a smooth, flat surface to grip your newly created half-a-ball, and you will get an idea of what the Lumi Dome Plus looks like. Magnifiers of this type are also referred to as Polished Ball Loupes or Globe Magnifiers. The LumiDomePlus is made of crystal clear and virtually unbreakable acrylic. The Lumi Dome Plus is pre-focused and features a 3X magnification power. This magnifier is light weight and it is used by placing it on the object you want to magnify, and just sliding the magnifier around as needed.

The Carson LumiDome Plus is the first ball magnifier that I used, and I love it! I am, or at least was, a big fan of handheld magnifiers. However, their biggest drawback is that after an hour or so of holding it, my wrist starts to get a little tired. With the LumiDomePlus, as long as you are working on a flat surface, there is nothing to hold. You simply slide the magnifier around. I did try reading with the LumiDome while sitting up, which did not work very well because the magnifier kept trying to slide off the page. So in that situation, I'll stick with my handheld magnifiers, but reading a newspaper, book, or any other material on a flat surface, the LumiDome is ideal.

With the LumiDomePlus, you have a viewing area of about 2.5 x 2.8 inches, and when looking straight down into the dome, the text or object within the entire viewing area is in perfect focus and you can see completely from edge to edge. Best of all, the polished acrylic provides for crystal clear viewing, and the shape and design of the magnifier allows for the ambient light in the room to illuminate the object you are reading. In addition, I found the Carson LumiDomePlus to be very easy to use and maneuver.

For those with low vision, or who simply need or want a little help reading small print, the Carson LumiDome Plus is a great product to have on hand. Not only is it great for reading books, maps, documents, or other written material, but it can also be used by hobbyist to view stamps, coins, pictures or other flat objects. Best of all the LumiDomePlus is a 3X magnifier, which should provide plenty of magnification strength for most users. As well, the LumiDomePlus comes with a handy cloth bag, that can be used to store the magnifier and keep it from getting dusty. And, something I never thought of, but which was pointed out to me by the information printed on the packaging - it also makes a great paperweight!

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