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 Guideposts Large Print
Guideposts Large Print

This edition of Guideposts is the easy to read large print edition (for the visually impaired).

Guideposts is an inspirational magazine that nurtures the personal growth of millions of readers, helping them find peace of mind, solve tough personal problems and build satisfying relationships with family, friends and co-workers. A guide for practical living, Guideposts is an interfaith magazine written by people from all walks of life who have developed personal strength and positive attitudes through their faith in God. With Guideposts, you’ll be moved and inspired by the heartwarming stories of hope and courage by everyday people and well-known celebrities.

Each monthly issue contains numerous short articles by ordinary Americans of all ages, races, and backgrounds, recounting how their faith in God, or remembering the wisdom or example of an older relative or mentor, has comforted them through some personal difficulty. Monthly lead cover articles often feature the story of a noted entertainer, professional athlete, or other celebrity who rose from poverty. The magazine is nonsectarian and welcomes Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish writers. Now in Large Print, for easier reading enjoyment!

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